“You Are What You Eat”

As we live our daily lives, there is one thing that we absolutely must not lack. Food.

Food is a vital part of our lives, creates who we are, and has a large influence on the children of the future.

IBLP aims to leave behind ‘real food’ that is filled with love and passion for these children, and help people to become healthy from the inside out.

We’re aiming to create an environment where every single person can have this ‘real food’ close to themselves, ultimately leading to a world where we can be thankful for everything, beginning from food.

Alissa Pols (AliBoss)

IBLP - Representative Director

Mother of 2
Japanese-American Mix

Graduated at the top of the inaugural class of Mr. Tsukasa Abe, a processed food diagnostician whom is the author of the best seller, ‘The Other Side of Food (Shokuhin no Uragawa)’ .

Manages a school where one can obtain the ‘Additive Meister®’ qualification and holds seminars about ‘authentic knowledge’ and ‘selection standards’ in regards to food. (Over 10,000 attended)

Other Activities
  • Supervises and creates non-additive and organic recipes.
  • Also supervises the creation of books written by health professionals.
  • Plans to develop a restaurant and commercial website based on ‘authentic food’
  • Connects consumers with farmers and craftsmen who devote love and time into their work

Company Information

Company Name:一般社団法人国際IBLPアカデミー
(English: International Inner Beauty Life Planning Association)
Representative:Pols Alissa
Contact:(+81)03-6875-5250(Currently, we don’t answer inquires via phone. Please contact us via our ‘Contact’ page or LINE. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Banks:Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation・MUFG Bank・The Shiba Shinkin Bank
Business Details:The training of Additive Meister®︎(s) and seminars

Azabu Office
〒106-0045 Tokyo Minato-ku Azabujuban 2-5-12 Azabu Building No.3 3F

Please refrain from visiting the company with no appointment