Our thoughts

As we live, food is indispensable. We think that the form of “food” has changed in our modern times.

Seasoning made from old-fashioned traditional craftsmanship, taste of rustic vegetables and fruits not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

It has become an era when ingredients made by love and time are no longer being sold. What we are eating is food that we do not know who made.

The problem is that we like eating simple and convenient, beautiful and magical flavored things that we cannot explain what is inside.

We like the look of the food more than what you taste or how it is made.

Most of us stick especially to straight carrots, but have you ever compared with muddy organic carrots that are curved?

The muddy bent carrot is definitely sweeter than straight carrots packaged beautifully.

However, because demand is low in Japan, farmers are also abandoning production of organic cultivation / non-additive ingredients unavoidably.

Thinking about what is really important to us and what is not important, we have to face each other, we need consumers to have the right knowledge and choices.

You can also support the future of craftsmen who want the food ingredients made with love and time to reach you.

We think that food can be changed by our own thoughts and actions in our own living, and we can think that the part that can be protected is very big.

But for that, we need correct knowledge and wisdom and ingenuity to make use of it.

We believe that we can help you with wisdom and ingenuity.

Let’s preserve the correct taste and sensation for yourself and your family, craftsmen, farmers, and children’s future.


Flow of Course
Food Additives Meister Attendance

Application / Payment by bank transfer

Lecture attended / All 6 subjects (1 subject per hour)

Completion / Qualification


For those who want to step up further, “advanced education system”

After completion of “Food Additive Meister”, it is a system that allows you to go to “Food Additives Professor ” course.

Application Requirements

Anyone who is interested in food and beauty and wants to study properly is possible.

Those who accepted the contents of notes


39800 yen (42,984 yen including tax)

Items to bring

Writing utensils, notes

※It becomes essential in all courses.4


Tokyo 23 wards (Only students will be informed of details)

Open time

Lecture start: 10:00

Completion of lecture: From 1st to 6th 17: 00 (planned)

We will arrange a lunch break (about 1 hour) and a small break on the way

※ The time may change somewhat depending on the venue. Please follow the detailed contents of the definitive edition that will be announced as soon as possible.


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